Visit Swampy’s Cantina for dinner and snacks

Adventuring can work up quite an appetite!  Good thing Swampy’s Cantina offers: Philly Cheesesteak, Shrimp PoBoy, Shrimp Basket, Chicken Tender Basket, Popcorn Chicken, Corn Dog, Hot Dog, Chili Dog, Cheese Dog, Fries, Cheese Fries and a variety of drinks. For dessert:  Funnel Cake, Key Lime Pie and Italian Ice.

Dinner Options

Philly Cheesesteak

Shrimp PoBoy

Shrimp Basket

Chicken Tender Basket

Popcorn Chicken

Corn Dog

Hot Dog

Chilli Dog

Cheese Dog


Cheese Fries


Funnel Cake

Key Lime Pie

Italian Ice

Mini Mousse

Banana Pudding

Food and drink at Swampy Jack

Ice-Cold Beverages

Bottled Soda

Bottled Sweet Tea

Sports Drink

Bottled Water