Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of admission?

Admission is free. The attractions are priced per ride.

What is the price per attraction?

Current Seasonal Pricing is:

  • Spinning Coaster
    • $3 per ride
  • Eye of the Kraken (Tower Swings)
    • $5 per ride
  • Blue Hole (Bumper Cars)
    • $5 per ride
  • Yacuma (Wipeout)
    • $5 per ride
  • Swamp Ape (Scrambler)
    • $5 per ride
  • Marrakesh Road Rally (Go-Karts)
    • $10 per ride

How do I pay for the rides?

If you wish to ride the attractions, you will be issued a WONGO charge card. You can place any amount of money on the card you wish. However, the more money you put on the card, the more bonus dollars will be placed on the card.

What do I do with my WONGO charge card at the end of my visit?

Save your WONGO card for your next visit. If you did not use up everything on your WONGO card you can leave the money on the card and it will be available on your next visit. And you can put more money on the card your next trip. You can also register your WONGO card.

Why should I register my WONGO card?

If you register your WONGO card you can receive specials, discounts and bonuses which can be applied directly to your WONGO card. Also, if your registered card is lost or stolen, the value on the card, at the time reported lost or stolen, can be applied to a new card, as well as any specials, discounts, bonus, or redemption money previously accumulated.

What are the Age and Height restrictions for the attractions?

  • Swamp Ape
    • 36” to ride with an adult
    • 48” to ride
  • Marrakesh Road Rally
    • 36” to ride with an adult
    • 52” to drive in the Junior Race
    • 56” to drive in the Pro Race
  • Eye of the Kraken
    • 48” to ride
  • Yacuma
    • 42” to ride
  • Blue Hole
    • 3 years old to ride with an adult, with maximum weight of 65 lbs.
    • 36” to drive

Where is Swampy Jack’s Wongo Adventure?

The address is 284 Powell Adams Road, Panama City Beach, FL 32413. Swampy Jack’s WONGO Adventure is located on the east side of Pier Park. The only entrance into the park is from Powell Adams Road. From Back Beach Road turn south onto Powell Adams Road between Target and Walmart. Or from Front Beach Road turn north onto Powell Adams Road between Party Shack West and Panhandle Helicopter. Swampy Jack’s WONGO Adventure is located on the east side of Powell Adams Road and south of Hilton Drive. It is the only business fronting Powell Adams Road. The entrance to the park is from the parking lot and the attractions are a short walk across the picturesque wooden bridge spanning a wetlands stream.