There’s So Much to Explore at Swampy Jack’s Wongo Adventure!

Swampy Jack has traveled all over the world exploring the most exciting corners of the globe. Now, he’s brought some of those adventures to our one-of-a-kind theme park in Panama City Beach, Florida for you to experience for yourself.

Will you put the pedal to the medal and supercharge your electric go-kart with power-ups all the way to the finish line? Will you encounter the 25-foot-tall Swamp Ape in its dizzying domain? Will you brave perilous heights in the clutching grasps of the Kraken? There are so many things to do that you may not know where to start.

But the most important question is… Are You Ready?

Logo for the Swamp Ape indoor scrambler attraction at Swampy Jack

In the heart of the Florida Everglades, there is a colossal creature of legend known as the Swamp Ape. As the story goes, it stands 25 feet tall with glowing green eyes, and its presence is known by its musky swamp stench. Rendezvous at Jack’s base camp in the wetlands, and climb aboard a skiff for a chance encounter with the sights, sounds, and smells of the beast.

Do you believe?

Logo for the Marrakesh Road Rally electric go-karts attraction at Swampy Jack

It’s a race to the finish as you accelerate toward the checkered flag in this desert race across the dunes. Based on Swampy Jack’s serendipitous opportunity to race in the Marrakesh leg of the Dakar Rally, this high-speed adventure puts you in the driver’s seat. Feel the torque of the electric motor as you charge your way around the track, and use special power-ups to give your go-kart extra bursts of speed, sabotage your opponents, and more!

Put the Pedal to the Metal

Logo for the Eye of the Kraken tower swings attraction at Swampy Jack

The open seas remain among the last great frontiers on earth, and if you’re brave enough for the voyage, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of its torrential force. If you’re particularly unlucky, you may discover one of its greatest forces: the Kraken. This towering behemoth with eight mighty tentacles can send any vessel barreling to the ocean floor in one fell swoop. Sail through the skies as you challenge its monstrous wrath!

Gaze into the Eye of the Kraken

Logo for the Yacuma wipeout attraction at Swampy Jack

The rainforests of South America are home to a large and wild collection of flora and fauna, and throughout their jungles, the Amazon River winds like a serpent. These murky waters contain a large and wild serpent of their own, and if you cross paths with this rogue of the river, then it’s already too late. And be warned, because this snake strikes with seismic intensity. Brace yourself for one white-knuckle wongo adventure!

Get Caught in the Coil of the Yacuma

Logo for the Blue Hole interactive bumper cars attraction at Swampy Jack

The waters of the Red Sea are shrouded in mystery, but one of its greatest mysteries isn’t red at all, but blue. Deep blue, to be precise. Commandeer your very own submersible vessel and dive into the depths of The Blue Hole to discover a brilliant, bioluminescent reef. Stay sharp though, because modern machinery begins to behave pretty unpredictably under such pressure.

Take Your Submarine for a Spin