Your Wongo Card is your passport to adventure at Swampy Jack's Wongo Adventure

Your Passport to Adventure

At Swampy Jack’s Wongo Adventure, admission into our park is free. You are welcome to explore our beautiful park and see which attractions you would like to experience.

When you’re ready to ride, you will need to visit one of our ticket kiosks for a Wongo Card. Think of it as a passport to all of the exciting adventures you will experience. You can add as much money as you’d like to the Card, and you can use the Card throughout the day to pay for attractions and games.

Currently, attraction admission prices are:

  • Spinning Coaster
    • $3 per ride
  • Eye of the Kraken (Tower Swings)
    • $5 per ride
  • Blue Hole (Bumper Cars)
    • $5 per ride
  • Yacuma (Wipeout)
    • $5 per ride
  • Swamp Ape (Scrambler)
    • $5 per ride
  • Marrakesh Road Rally (Go-Karts)
    • $10 per ride

A Better Way to Play

The more money you put on your Wongo Card, the more bonus dollars and rewards will be added to it. If you register your card, you can unlock even more exciting special offers. And if you lose your registered Wongo Card, just visit a ticket window to have it replaced, and the credits and all of the rewards will be added to the new card.